Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

I enjoyed the third Pirates movie a lot. I enjoy pirate movies in general (including Yellowbeard and Cutthroat Island, so you can see about where my standards are in this area), and this had a lot to entertain me. I didn't mind cutting back on Jack Sparrow as it meant lots more Captain Barbossa. I wasn't watching these movies just because they had Johnny Depp in them, you know.

Let's see . . . I enjoyed the escalation of the set pieces (a wedding in mid-battle? And that's not the most over-the-top thing? Awesome.) and the constant betrayals and backstabbing. Hey, they're pirates, their whole lifestyle is built on mutinies, right? There are a lot of reviews complaining that they found the movie hard to follow, but I think those reviewers just don't have the right mindset to get into a big, ridiculous, swashbuckling epic. I also strongly approved of the inclusion of a scene in which a boat goes down a slope and lands in total darkness while hearing random snippets of audio. I was wondering if there was anything left from the ride that they hadn't worked into the series. And Elizabeth got to be Pirate King! Good for her!

I did find it odd that anyone would make a movie in which lots of people point two guns at once but decide that Chow Yun-Fat wasn't going to do that. That's just silly.

So I am pleased to say I greatly enjoyed all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, making them the best "movies based on Disneyland rides" ever, ahead of Haunted Mansion (sort of enjoyable because Wallace Shawn is in it), The Country Bears (didn't see it and the ride isn't there anymore), and Mission to Mars (which may not have actually been based on the ride, which was a lousy ride anyway). I think it's interesting that Disneyland has a bunch of rides based on movies and now another set of rides with movies based on them. I keep expecting them to make a "Splash Mountain" movie and pretend the ride's based on that instead of Song of the South.

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