Friday, June 15, 2007

Blood on the Flat Track: The Rise of the Rat City Rollergirls

After Cthulhu, I had another World Premiere to watch at the Seattle Internationl Film Festival. And it was in the same theater, which was convenient.

This movie was a documentary about the Rat City Rollergirls, the Seattle Flat Track Roller Derby league. Now, I have to confess to a bit of bias here, because I'm a Rat City fan. Also I'm a scorekeeper for the league. And even if I weren't affiliated, the showing was absolutely packed with skaters and refs and practically the entire league. So you can imagine how enthusiastically the movie was received. Almost every single shot was greeted with cheers.

So it's hard for me to fairly judge the movie. I saw a preview of Kevin Smith's Mallrats at the San Diego Comic Con in 1995, and it was pandemonium. It's hard not to enjoy yourself when you're watching a movie with a lot of comic book references when the whole audience is full of comic book nerds and Stan Freaking Lee is in the row in front of you. Apparently, we received that audience so enthusiastically that the studio people started to get very unrealistic expectations about how well Mallrats would do.

Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. Although there are a few scenes where I got distracted because I kept watching the audience so I could see myself.

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