Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cannonball Run II

This was even more terrible than I remembered.

This time, the race is supposed to be from Redondo Beach to Connecticut, but unless there are cactus fields in unexpected parts of the country, they never get out of the southwest. And since the big finale is in Las Vegas, I have to assume that they did all that racing (at least 24 hours, since there's a night scene) and barely got out of the first state.

They probably could have gotten farther if they had started the race earlier in the movie. For some reason, they decided to put in a lot of motivation and backstory and other irrelevant plot-related nonsense, so it's 45 minutes before the race starts. And even then, nobody seems all that interested in racing. Instead, we get a lot of scenes where incompetent gangsters steal bits from Wile E. Coyote. Blah.

Plus the cars are boring. Too many station wagons.

Movies like this are why the "Race across the country" genre never really took off.

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