Friday, June 8, 2007

Death Race 2000

If you're going to do a movie in a narrow genre like "a group of colorful characters in a cross-country road race," I recommend you introduce some interesting element. But not a lame one like that mob angle in Speed Zone. For example, Death Race 2000 awards points for killing pedestrians. And the cars are extremely silly-looking, with tusks and fangs and giant jackknives and things, because it's set in the far-off future. All the way in the year 2000! The future will look pretty cheap.

This is one of the more fun cross-country race movies. Somebody's apparently working on a remake, which I'm confident will be terrible. I hope they find a way to squeeze in Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine for cameos.

Incidentally, they don't even run over that many pedestrians. It's probably only around ten, and that's counting the hospital scene.

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Tom the Dog said...

I love this movie beyond all reason. The remake is a terrible, terrible idea.