Friday, June 15, 2007

How to Get the Man's Foot out of Your Ass

I tend to call this movie "Baadasssss!" on the theory that that's what's on the poster. Plus it's shorter. And more fun to say.

It's basically the story of an obsessed man (Mario Van Peebles IS Melvin Van Peebles!) doing anything he can to get his movie made. My problem is that I've been reading books by Robert Rodriguez and Roger Corman, so I keep noticing corners that could have been cut. Multiple takes? Live sound? Paying for a soundtrack? Man, even if it is Earth, Wind, and Fire, you've got to keep expenses down!

Anyway, quibbles aside, I enjoyed it. It was a trifle artistic at times, but as a portrait of an obsessed artist, it has elements that differentiate it interestingly. Like, you hardly ever see a movie where the Black Panthers ride to the rescue.

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