Sunday, July 29, 2007

Die Hard

Whooooo! Die Hard!

I'm watching it because I decided to watch a few movies where Alan Rickman is a villain who doesn't do magic. He's so good.

Also, this movie boasts a really impressive array of 1980s Authority Jerks. The television reporter is William Atherton, whom you might remember as the professor in Real Genius and as Walter Peck in Ghostbusters. Meanwhile, the LAPD police chief is Paul Gleason, who was Principal Vernon in Breakfast Club. If they could have squeezed John Vernon and Ben Stein in there, it would be perfect.

It's pretty close to perfect anyway.

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Carol Elaine said...

This movie is where I stumbled upon the wonder of Alan Rickman. All hail the glory of Alan Rickman!

(I'm not much of an action movie fan, but I admit I probably would have liked this even without Teh Rickman's presence. He just makes it all that much sweeter.)