Monday, July 9, 2007

Monster Camp

I have a great fondness for movies about Live-Action Roleplaying. Admittedly, I've only seen this and Darkon, but my years of experience in regular tabletop roleplaying, plus a certain amount of running around pretending to be a vampire (and occasionally a werewolf) means that although I personally have never employed boffer weapons, I strongly identify with the themes of these movies.

Monster Camp is about the Seattle branch of NERO, and although I don't actually know any of the people in the movie, it all seemed very familiar. I'll just give one short example: it looked like the guys were in it for the fighting and the ladies were in it for the roleplaying. This, of course, is a crass generalization, like "some guys are just in it for the chicks".

There are some interesting differences between Monster Camp and Darkon. Darkon spends some time establishing that the players have rich, full lives outside the game. There are people with office jobs, managers of companies, and so on. To judge from Monster Camp, everyone is a 24-hour gamer, including the guys who are five years into the process of considering getting a GED. It's a somewhat less attractive picture. I also thought it was interesting that Monster Camp is mostly about the NPCs and people putting on the game, rather than the players. I though they could have gone into more detail there, since all they showed was fight scenes. Surely there's some roleplaying!

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