Sunday, August 19, 2007

Krush Groove

I think it's weird that Beat Street is one of my favorite movies and I've seen Breakin' a million times, but I've never seen Krush Groove. How is that possible? I was watching breakdancing movies in theaters when this came out, so what happened?

I can't remember my exact thought process, but I expect I either skipped it because it was more of a Rap movie than a Breaking movie, or (And this is a little more likely) I figured it was a Fat Boys Movie and I didn't want anything to do with it because they were a novelty act. I was young and I had strong, albeit arbitrarily-chosen, standards. It took me years to warm up to the Beastie Boys.

So now that I've seen it . . . it was okay. It's more of a Run-DMC movie (I haven't seen Tougher than Leather either, and I love Run-DMC!), but I think I enjoyed the Fat Boys plot more. The main Russell Simmons/Run-DMC plot was kind of weird for me because it was about Run-DMC's really early days, but they were using the songs that were out when the movie was made. So you see them record "King of Rock", and then they're still struggling. That song was huge! Russell Simmons did not have trouble paying back five thousand bucks after that movie.

That actually brings up a question I have about the mob in movies. This might apply to the actual mob too. Anyway, you always see them loan someone some money and then start threatening to kill the guy if he doesn't pay it back, plus exorbitant interest. My question is, why do they loan the money in the first place? You've got muscled-up goons, right? Why can't you just find some innocent citizen and say you'll cut off his thumbs if he doesn't come up with some cash? It seems more efficient.

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