Sunday, December 30, 2007

Galaxy Quest

Man, who doesn't love Galaxy Quest? It's the best movie about science fiction fandom and the best Star Trek movie. And since it came out, I've learned to recognize many more of the actors, including Sam Rockwell, Enrico Colantoni, and Justin Long. And seeing Sigourney Weaver complaining about being cleavage-baring eye candy makes me laugh every time,

I do think that the Galaxy Quest convention in the movie looks really good, especially if it's just the "Southwest fans" version. They've got a surprising number of dealers there for a single-show convention.


Tom the Dog said...

It seems like I recently praised this movie, but that might just have been in my head. I loved finally seeing it on DVD, which includes the deleted scene explaining why Sigourney's costume gets unzipped in a spectacular cleavage-baring way (for no reason, in the theatrical version) while she and Tim Allen are deactivating the self-destruct.

Average Jane said...

I love Galaxy Quest, too! In fact, I may just pop in the DVD right now, as long as I'm awake early with nothing else to do.