Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Am Legend

I've invented a new rule. If a movie's IMDB trivia includes the line "The film was green-lit without a script," that's probably a bad sign, plot-wise. This is one of those movies that they rewrote all the way through filming, and they appear to have taken a sharp left turn somewhere toward the end of Act 2. Here I was excited because for once, a version of Richard Matheson's book was being given the original name instead of "The Omega Man" or "The Last Man on Earth" (which stars Vincent Price and is a lot of fun, if you're wondering), but toward the end of te movie they suddenly get rid of the cool ending, which is the whole point of the story. It's weird.

Now, I have nothing against Will Smith. He's a fine actor and seems like a pretty likable guy. But between this and I, Robot I wonder what classic genre story he will next turn into an action flick with a bunch of CGI monsters. Come to think of it, I'd kind of like to see him star in Stranger in a Strange Land.

Anyway, I enjoyed most of the movie. It's just that the ending is so odd that it threw me a bit. Also odd: the extended scene in which it appears that the script for Shrek got slipped in by mistake. The Bob Marley speech was also a little odd.


Mertseger said...

"Will Smith is Valentine Michael Smith: Grok this, Mutha Fucka!"

shrinking indigo said...

Hee. I would so totally see him in Stranger in a Strange Land.