Sunday, December 30, 2007


I enjoy Tommy, but I am under no illusions that it makes any sense. What you've got here is a "rock opera" that's made up of a bunch of songs that sort of connect to each other, and then it all gets filmed by Ken Russell, who I think is more interested in covering Ann-Margret with baked beans than in constructing a coherent narrative.

With that said, it still has a great soundtrack (although I prefer it once Daltrey starts singing the songs himself) and there are enough crazy things happening onscreen to make it watchable.

I think it's weird that Pete Townshend (who wrote all the songs!) and John Entwhistle aren't really in the movie, except as musicians. Daltrey gets to run around with his shirt off and even Keith Moon gets to play a crazed child molester. But Pete and John apparently got to sleep through the whole thing. I'm not saying Daltrey didn't do a good job, because all that messianic stuff looks fine coming out of him. But couldn't Pete have been fit in somewhere?

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