Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It Happened at the World's Fair

I don't mind Elvis vehicles. I've got kind of a soft spot for Roustabout, for example. And I love World's Fairs. And this Elvis Movie is actually at the World's Fair in Seattle, which means I got to look at the backgrounds and identify which building they were standing in front of. In fact, since the World's Fair is at the base of the Space Needle (the same place they hold Bumbershoot, a yearly music festival), I kept saying things like "Oh, that must be the building where I saw Flogging Molly!" and "Gogol Bordello played on that hill right there!"

The movie itself is largely forgettable, of course. It's kind of interesting that it's Kurt Russell's film debut -- he plays a boy who kicks Elvis in the shins for a quarter. And the little girl apparently grew up to be First Lady of Hawaii, which is fairly interesting. You can't look too closely at the plot, because then you start wondering why Mr. Ling would let his niece spend the day with a random hitchhiker, or when the police started enforcing random poker debts.

I enjoyed it, but more for the scenery than anything else.

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