Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

This is a great movie. And it's astonishing that it ever got made, because historically the Hays Office was not keen on plots that revolved around minors getting drunk, marrying an anonymous soldier, forgetting who it was, getting pregnant as part of the same drunken binge, and then running around trying to cover it up the whole movie. It's also a very cynical movie, with everything being hushed up and polished over at the last second by the "miracle".

My favorite character is probably Betty Hutton's little sister, who I suspect of being a trouble-maker. When her father tells her, "Listen, zipper-puss. Someday they're gonna find your hair-ribbon and an axe someplace. Nothin' else!" the audience can kind of see what he means. Still, that's not the sort of line the Hays Office normally allowed in.

It surprises me a little that this movie is so funny, because it relies a lot on cheap gimmicks like pratfalls, wacky names, and stuttering. But for some reason, it's hilarious to watch Norval doing a pratfall while stuttering and trying to spell "Ignatz Ratskiwatski". Some things are just funny.

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