Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Talk of the Town

The weird thing about having a dual-tuner Tivo is that you're never entirely sure what the Tivo's recording. This morning, when I turned on the television and saw TCM showing a Cary Grant/Ronald Colman movie, I naturally assumed it was being recorded, so I wasn't paying too much attention. But it turns out it was actually recording "Bon Jovi Unplugged". Bad Tivo! Wrong!

Anyway, the movie was kind of odd. Cary Grant plays an anarchist (which is already strange, with his accent) hiding from the police in Jean Arthur's house while Ronald Colman is a professor of law or something. Cary was framed for arson and murder, and this sets off any number of debates between the two male leads.

Jean Arthur is allegedly in love with both of them, but honestly, they seem far more interested in each other. There's one shot where they're in a car and there's a vertical bar down the middle of the screen. On the right side, Ronald Colman is driving the car and Cary Grant is in the back seat, leaning forward and hanging over the front seat. So their two faces are right next to each other, then there's a break, then Jean Arthur is wayyyyy over on the left side, all alone.

It's a comedy, but it also wants to be Socially Responsible, in the form of a big speech by Colman that sounds like someone had just watched The Grapes of Wrath. There is a very amusing interrogation scene, where Jean Arthur cheerfully refuses to be bullied or intimidated by the cops, but I don't know if that's enough to recommend the movie. Maybe Tivo was right not to record it.

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