Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Panic in New York: Menagerie Breaks Loose

For this one, I have created a brief video presentation. I believe you will find it both informative and entertaining.


April said...

"Even weirder is the real life explanation for this. You see, movie newspapers come preprinted with generic fake articles. You just add an appropriate headline and/or lead story. (I previously referred to this in my look at Kronos.) Anyway, the ‘menagerie’ headline was in fact a standard one for phony movie newspapers. In particular it appeared on every single edition, regardless of the main story, of the various newspapers showcased in Horror of Party Beach!"


Monty Ashley said...

My theory is that somebody grabbed a real newspaper to use for a mock-up and didn't notice the distracting headline. But then what about the later movies? Either they also didn't notice (because it does kind of stick out, especially in "The Year Without a Santa Claus") or they're doing it as a joke.

Anonymous said...

...I'm only so ancient, but as I noticed this enjoyable bit of trivia a few decades ago, and observed the following about it, I can tell you this much -- 'way back in the mid-twentieth century, one could acquire, in New York City's Times Square area, as a "gag gift", keepsake, or tourists' souvenir of one's visit to NYC, an authentic-looking, custom-printed phony newspaper headline -- that's what all those cheap props are, although their points of origin may in some instances have been those old-school NYC gift shops' West Coast counterparts. Thanks for your posts about 'em.