Sunday, March 23, 2008

30 Days of Night

I have always thought that it would make a lot of sense for vampires to hang out north of the Arctic Circle. You get the months-long night up there, which means they could blend in perfectly with the other people. I figure the problem they usually have is that it's hard to feign humanity when you're forced to live on a nocturnal schedule, but if the sun isn't an issue, that's fine. And then when it's everlasting day, they could either just hole up somewhere or migrate to the South Pole or something. I haven't worked it all out yet. Look, I can't be expected to do all the work here.

Unfortunately, this movie is not concerned with finding new ways for vampires to blend in with humans. It's amazing how many movies aren't concerned with that. Actually, this movie is concerned with uninteresting vampires attacking uninteresting people who are having uninteresting relationship problems. It would be a better movie as "Vampires attack Northern Exposure". At least then there would be some interest in finding out how the various quirky characters reacted to being attacked by supernatural forces. But no; this proceeded pretty much by the numbers. Blah.

There was a neat idea involved in the end of the movie, where one of the humans purposely turned into a vampire in order to fight the bad guys on their own terms. That's good thinking!

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