Sunday, March 23, 2008

After Hours

I didn't really like After Hours. It has a lot of stagey monologues, like it was written as someone's thesis for film school. This is because it was. It relies on a lot of unlikely coincidences, but I guess that's all right because it's supposed to be unlikely.

I mostly think Griffin Dunne's character is kind of a jerk and not too bright to boot. He wouldn't have half so many problems if he'd keep his mind on business. You want to get home? Maybe you should concentrate on getting some train fare and getting your keys back, in that order. And try to leave fewer dead people in your wake. That might help. Although I did like the fact that when he finally calmed down and had a moment of peace and quiet (and being nice to someone), it actually helped him.

It's an odd New York that the movie describes. It's a Manhattan that's impossible to navigate but includes only about seven people. And all the artists do papier-mache, for some reason. That sets up a Bucket of Blood reference that I totally called, by the way.

I mean, I like the idea of someone struggling to get home across a nighttime New York that seems determined to stop them, but I liked it a lot better in The Warriors.

Incidentally, Linda Fiorentino's haircut dates this movie to 1985 incredibly precisely. That makes me sad, because I love that haircut but it hasn't been seen for 23 years.

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