Saturday, March 15, 2008

Attack of the Puppet People

Even for a throwaway AIP movie, this one wasn't very ambitious. They give away the Shocking Secret pretty early on, and the dollmaker makes way too many people into living dolls (spoiler!) to expect to get away with it. There's an attempt at pathos toward the end, but it's too late and too silly. I did like the contrast of having characters watch the scene in The Amazing Colossal Man where the giant (whose name I do not remember) shouts "I'm not getting bigger! You're all getting smaller!" and then having those charactersactually get shrunk to doll size.

The shrunken-people scenes are . . . all right. They're not great, and there are a few problems when they have to be menaced by dogs or cats. But it's what you expect. Generally, though, this was filler. Certainly the title is misleading, since the "puppet people" don't really attack anyone. Well, Tiny John Agar does beat up a marionette, but I don't think that counts. I thought maybe the trailer would be misleading or something ("Beware their tiny fury!"), but it pretty much lays things out accurately:

The poster's a lie, though. AIP posters generally were. That's what happens when you make the poster before you start writing the script.

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Mac said...

Glen Manning was the Amazing Colossal Man. (The character, not the actor.) I've only seen the MST version, of course.

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