Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Lady from Shanghai

This is an Important Movie, with many famous shots. It also does not make a whit of sense, which means that it's probably film noir. If you enjoy looking at Rita Hayworth (and who doesn't?) it's got some worthwhile scenes. Unfortunately, those are interspersed with Orson Welles trying out an unconvincing Irish accent.

Most of the scenes follow this model: Rita acts sexy, her husband acts weird, and Orson mumbles something that starts with "Sure, and"/ At some point, there's an incomprehensible plot to frame Orson for a murder, which he seems okay with, until it turns out that he's being framed for an entirely different murder. And then there's an astonishingly unrealistic court scene before the Hall of Mirrors Shootout, which is really, really overdirected

I didn't really enjoy it. The most interesting thing from my point of view is that they used Errol Flynn's yacht, and he skippered it between scenes.

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