Monday, March 3, 2008

Pumping Iron

Man, and I thought When We Were Kings starred a charismatic guy with big muscles!

I tend to think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a film actor. I'm aware of his political success, but I kind of think of it as a fluke. Like, what's Jesse Ventura doing these days? And I'm aware of Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding days, but it's the movies I think of first. And say what you like about him, he did some damn fine movies.

Here, he's trying to be a villain and play mind game with people. But I don't think his heart's really in it. I think he's just goofing around and messing with people because it's fun. He just oozes charisma. and other things. I could do without some of the close-ups. And anyway, he does look just ridiculously big. If a guy who looks like that can't win a bodybuilding competition legit, what's the point? I mean, I didn't come away feeling bad for Lou Ferrigno because he got psyched out; I think Arnold just looked better.

The important thing about the mind games, though, is that the really drive home the fact that Arnold is a very intelligent, ridiculously competitive person. He's already been the best in the world at bodybuilding and arguably action-movie-heroing. I have decided not to bet against him.

Oh, and jokes about homoeroticism are just too easy. I mean, it's a movie where large, muscly guys oil each other up. I like my jokes to require a little more work than that, you know?

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