Thursday, March 6, 2008

Royal Flash

This is tricky. George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman series contains some of my favorite books ever, so the odds are against me really liking a film version. It's not impossible -- I love both the book and the film of The Princess Bride. But you certainly don't get lucky every time.

But I don't think I'm being too harsh here. The main problems with the movie are that it's too slapsticky, and that's not my fault. It's true that a lot of the time I'm muttering that Malcolm McDowell isn't doing Flashman right, but I honestly think that's because it would be funnier if he were less outspokenly craven. The book version of Flashman usually only acts like a coward when there's no other option.

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Mac said...

I was reading Charlie Wilson's War and Wilson decides at one point that he is Flashman incarnate, which seems like an odd thing to think about yourself. I doubt that made it into the movie...