Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shoot 'Em Up

The clever idea here is to take a guy who's good at looking like a gritty tough guy (Clive Owen) and play him off against a guy who's good at being an entertaining weasel (Paul Giamatti). And then you put them in a lot of gunfighting scenes that are slightly less realistic than the ones in Equilibrium.

I found it mildly entertaining, but it actually wasn't as crazy and over-the-top as I was hoping. It's always fun to have a shootout where the good guy has to carry around a baby, but I liked it better in Hard Boiled. The freefall gunfight felt derivative of Moonraker. The shootout that takes place while one of the participants is having sex is okay, I guess. It all just could have done with a bit more wire-work or Kung fu Hustle-style ridiculousness.

I did like the feeble attempts at giving the main character some sort of Tragic Backstory. Apparently his wife and child were killed at a shootout in a burger joint (I'm assuming it was the San Ysidro McDonalds, where James Huberty killed 21 people), thus explaining why he's for gun control. This alleged gun control stance does not get in the way of him killing dozens of people with them.

Oh, and there's supposedly a parallel between Owen's character and Bugs Bunny. This only exists in the form of frequent carrot-eating and some direct quotes. It isn't really brought out.

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