Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Confessions of a Superhero

Okay, you know those guys that hang out in front of Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood dressed like superheroes? They're trying to get their picture taken with tourists for tips. In person, they're weird and skeevey. And this is a documentary about them (Website)! It turns out that some of them are sort of normal, but most of them are at least a little weird, and there's certainly enough skeeviness to go around.

The guy who plays Superman appears to be obsessed with the Christopher Reeve movie, and memorabilia covers every surface in his apartment, including the ceiling. Most of it isn't very good stuff though; there's a lot of comic book store promo stuff, and things you'd get at a thrift store. I think he's more of a hoarder than a collector. I enjoyed the guy who plays Batman, because his stories of his former life are suspiciously like those of a guy I used to know who lied all the time. I'm not saying Batman is a liar. I am, however, saying that he didn't move like a guy who had three black belts, had been in the special forces, and had killed a couple people when he was an enforcer for the mob. He might have been a professional ballerina somewhere in there too.

The subjects of the documentary are interesting, but it's shot in a very annoying fashion. The director seems to very much enjoy focusing the camera on an insignificant point and leaving it there for a few minutes while the viewer reflects on how ugly the lighting is. It's like he was really impressed by the cinematography in Lost in Translation but wanted to make it even more static.

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