Friday, April 11, 2008

Mr. No-Legs

This has all the hallmarks of a properly sleazy movie. It's got a long gratuitous car chase which includes a car driving through a house. It's got a bar fight where several people get hit with bottles. It's got cops who drive a Camaro. It's got criminals who try to steal corpses. And it's got a lot of accidental deaths. But the most memorable aspect is Mr. No-Legs himself, a bad-ass gang enforcer who has no legs. If you don't want to sit through the whole movie (and believe me, you don't), here's pretty much all you need to know:

Yes, if you've already seen Crippled Masters, this is the very best movie of its kind. I guess.

Oh, also the movie's almost completely impossible to see. Scarecrow Video had a DVD, but it was an extremely cheap transfer of a terrible VHS copy. Which is appropriate; you don't want to look too closely at a movie like this.

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