Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Pied Piper of Hützovina

Man, this movie (Website) annoyed me. I was excited about it because it's about Eugene Hutz, the lead singer for Gogol Bordello, who are awesome. And it's supposedly about him going to Russia to rediscover his roots, which means it's sort of like a reverse Everything is Illuminated (where Hutz plays a tour guide in the Ukraine, leading around Elijah Wood, who is there to rediscover his roots. It's a really good movie).

But what the movie is really about is the director, who is making a documentary about Hutz because she has a huge crush on him. She explains this at the beginning of the movie. And then she has a bitter voiceover when it turns out that Hutz is bringing along his girlfriend, who she's not allowed to film. So whenever the director shows up (which is way too often), the movie becomes a boring downer.

However, there were a couple of scenes that were worth the price of admission. When Eugene goes to a gypsy camp and plays guitar with them, it's really fun. Basically, if Eugene is interacting with passersby and making music, he's so charismatic that it all works. I just wish there were less of the director mooning over him.

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