Thursday, April 3, 2008


I saw Ratatouille when it came out, even though I hated the commercials. I would expand on that, but it turns out I covered all that last time.

This time I was watching it because I wanted to prepare for my recaps of Hell's Kitchen on Television Without Pity (cross-promotion!) and I didn't have time to go to culinary school. Also, I really think that the sequence where Anton Ego tastes the ratatouille is one of the greatest purely visual moments in cinema. In just a few seconds, they show:

1) How good the food is,
2) What good food can mean to someone,
3) Why the character loved food to begin with, and
4) The character rediscovering the love of food.

It's awesome. It's hard enough to translate from taste to visuals, but to do it so concisely and without any words at all is just amazing. I liked Persepolis as much as anyone, but this movie earned its Animation Oscar if you ask me.

My only other comment is that I strongly suspect it of having been influenced by the scene in Muppets Take Manhattan where the rats cook in the diner.

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