Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I enjoyed the new Indiana Jones movie a lot. I enjoyed it enough that calling it an Indiana Jones movie doesn't feel like a lie. It had action, quips, and ridiculously complex booby traps in ancient temples (which I've always enjoyed). I didn't mind She-Ra LaBeef, and I actively approved of Cate Blanchett and her silly accent.

Were there things that made me roll my eyes? Of course there were. But I did not mind them because I was enjoying myself. Steven Spielberg still knows how to put together an entertaining movie, you know?

I didn't find the Big Thing At The End as jarring as some people apparently did. It's a little like the rain of frogs in Magnolia -- there were things that foreshadowed it and made it not come out of left field, but you have to have done the right reading to pick up on it.

I am a little annoyed by the Internet's new tendency to blame everything they don't like on George Lucas. Listen, I think Spielberg's a big enough boy that he can get his own way from time to time. Lucas didn't even write the screenplay; David Koepp did. I feel kind of bad for George Lucas at this point. You're telling me the man who created Star Wars and co-created Indiana Jones is the Internet's least favorite movie-maker? Really? That's rough.

But back to the movie: I liked the older Indiana Jones character. He was a bit more professorial and a little slower to action. He's suspiciously indestructible, which might be due to drinking from the Holy Grail in the last movie, but he's still Indy and that's good enough for me.


Average Jane said...

After that scene at the nuclear testing facility, I said to my husband, "What the next movie going to be, Indiana Jones Dies of Cancer?"

Anonymous said...

I agree. So what if it was slightly predictible. Isn't that why we go to serial movies - we know what to expect? You're telling me the 4th James Bond movie didn't look similiar to the first? How about the 16th?

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