Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

I have long felt that this movie is unfairly maligned. I freely admit that Kate Capshaw's performance as Willie Scott, the Screechy Chanteuse, is pretty annoying. In fact, she's really annoying. It's not that she's screaming in terror the whole time. It's that she's screaming in terror about stupid things. She never seems to quite grasp the fact that her life is in danger, so she's shrieking about a broken nail or a few bugs (okay, a lot of bugs) instead of the impending doom. She's completely useless.

However, Short Round is great. Yes, he's a spunky kid sidekick. Fine. But he's also useful in a tight spot. When he's captured, he frees himself and then rescues Indiana, then frees the young Maharaja from the mind-controlling zombie juice. Plus he can drive a getaway car. And he gets to say "No time for love, Doctor Jones!" C'mon, how can you not like Short Round? And did you know this was Ke Huy Quan's first movie role? And that he promptly went on to be in The Goonies? Lay off Short Round!

Anyway, for a widely reviled movie, it has a lot of popular bits in it. That heart-ripping-out scene is a classic. I realize that "this movie is not as horrible as everyone says it is" is not a ringing endorsement, but I think it's important to reconsider the Indiana Jones ouevre before the new movie comes out. That way I'll know exactly how disappointed I should be!

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Joe said...

I always enjoyed Temple of Doom. It gets a bad rap, but a bad Indy movie is better than most other movies.

Also, "You call him Dr. Jones, lady!" is awesome.