Sunday, May 11, 2008

Speed Racer

I loved the commercials for Speed Racer, and I didn't care what anyone said about it. Nothing was going to stop me from seeing this movie! So it's kind of a shame that I didn't like it.

To be fair, the crazy multicolor CGI racing sequences were exactly as enjoyable as I expected. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Speed is walking to his car before the final race, because apparently in this world racers just pose on top of their cars growling like panthers. Sure, why not? If I had hair like that, I'd probably do that too.

Unfortunately, the movie isn't composed entirely of crazy CGI racing with every color onscreen at one time. There are also a number of extremely boring dialogue scenes that bored me stiff. Less of the talky-talky, more of the WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING, please. Also, I hated the kid and the monkey.

Now, our theater was full of people who loved the kid and the monkey. So I'd have to say that if the movie had been solely marketed to the four-to-seven-year-old market, it would be doing great right now. Because these kids loved those scenes. Every time Spridle would yell something that made me roll my eyes, it would be followed by gales of laughter and tiny little voices repeating the line. I may think the character was awful, but it worked on them.


Clea said...

I've been waiting for you to review this movie! I slammed the preview but I actually love the colorful racing bits -- the wtf'ness for me came from trying to figure out the key plot and character elements that would come from updating a bizarre 60's anime. And also that they kept the monkey. But then it was rated G, wasn't it? I guess keeping the kid and monkey in the trunk was a good idea for the kids. For the parents, not so much.

Clea said...'s like this: instead of making a live cartoon, which had to rely on the original for the groundwork, for the hopefully awe-inspired comments of, "wow, it's a live cartoon!", maybe they should have just reimagined Speed Racer altogether and aimed for the teen market. But then the connection to the source material grows paper thin; let's face it, Speed Racer IS that kid and the monkey. So why bother making it a Speed Racer film at all? Call it Racer 3000 and forget the kid and monkey. But no, they wanted the original so it ends up a very weak foundation that requires a kid and a monkey...arrr, why why why? All of this would run through my head whenever I saw a preview and I think my head exploded once...