Monday, May 19, 2008

St. Trinian's

This was a great deal of fun! I've been reading a lot of old British school stories lately, so it's nice to see a plot where there's absolutely no moral lesson. And these girls are, in fact, outright malicious. The model appears to have been the Addams Family movies, where there are a lot of visual gags in the backgrounds taken from the original cartoons, while the main characters cheerfully get on with doing horrifying things in the foreground. Whee! Explosives and crimes and shockingly-altered outfits!

There are also a great many winking jokes about Colin Firth and Rupert Everett. Who doesn't want to see Colin Firth's leg get humped by a small dog named "Mr. Darcy"? Nobody, that's who.

The acting is great, by the way. I was impressed by five or six separate girls. And although Colin Firth's IMDB page claims that "Although he usually gets along quite well with other actors, he had a well-publicized verbal feud with Rupert Everett, although the source of this tension is not known," they seemed to get along fine in this. They were, in fact, quite funny. The whole movie's funny. I loved it.


Bully said...

Everett was on The Graham Norton Show recently showing stills of his drag makeup, and everyone agreed he looked a lot like Camilla Parker-Bowles. Which is a great enough reason to see it, too.

Scarlettb said...

Where on earth did you see St. Trinian's? I've been waiting and waiting to see it, and can't find it anywhere!

Monty Ashley said...

scarlettb: My girlfriend works at Scarecrow Video, the largest independent video store in the country. So she was able to make them order it from the UK, and that's where our region-free DVD player came in. It's pretty handy!

Dale said...

I've not heard of this movie but it sounds hilarious. I saw the Graham Norton episode too that Bully mentioned and sadly, he does look like Camilla.

By the way, I'm enjoying your Hell's Kitchen recaps on TWOP much more than the actual show.