Sunday, July 6, 2008

Marked for Death

The Seagalogical investigations continue! Most people remember this movie, if at all, as the one with the Jamaican Voodoo Bad Guys. I remember it as the first time I realized just how much Steven Seagal hates glass. In all of his movies, he throws people through windows and stuff, but in this one, he actually goes out of his way to break all the glass he can see. There's a fight in a jewelry store, and he methodically takes a thug's head and smashes each display case one at a time. If I were the owner of the store, I'd object to that sort of behavior.

In fact, I object to a lot of Seagal's behavior. He's an ex-cop, but I don't think that quite justifies a gunfire-filled high-speed chase down the middle of a busy street that ends by smashing both cars through a storefront. And I'm not sure how he got that severed head back through customs, either.

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Bill Carroll said...


I refer to the long speeches, usually about the CIA, global warming, and corporate conspiracy theories, as Seagaliloquies. I hope you'll see fit to adopt the term. Not all the movies have one, but some certainly do.