Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dawn of the Dead

This is the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake. It's terrible. Don't watch it. Sarah Polley deserves a better movie to be her default credit on IMDB.

See, this is a rotten movie that's not rotten in a new way. In fact, it's rotten in all the same old ways. Plus, I saw the version on the Sci-Fi channel, which means one character's dialogue was almost completely muted.

Incidentally, this was directed by Zack Snyder, who went on to do 300 and Watchmen. I hope he's gotten better. Or at least more interesting. Because this was full of random closeups and slow-motion shots of shotgun shells bouncing off the ground. Feh.


Omar said...

I really liked it. I thought the first 20 minutes were absolutely brilliant. It petered off toward the end, but I thought it was an extremely competent, well-made horror movie (especially for a remake).

I'd never watch it on basic cable, though. I'm sure they cut out quite a bit and threw the editing off.

Monty Ashley said...

Yeah, I'm okay with blaming the editing for a lot of it. It was hard to get a sense of CJ's character, for example, because two-thirds of his dialogue was missing. So instead of a loud, obscene guy, he came off as the silent type.

I just kept wanting Sarah Polley to do more interesting stuff.

Monty Ashley said...

(also, when I wrote it, I didn't realize the top paragraph would be the default DHAK blurb. I probably wouldn't have put the word "rotten" in there quite so much...)