Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Okay, look. I liked it, okay? Yes, it's a little more action-y and exposion-y than you normally get in a Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Fine. Yes, the trailer makes it look like it's all explosions. That's what trailers do. I propose that we stop judging movies based on the way trailers make them look. We're hip, twenty-first century movie aficionados and we know perfectly well that the trailers are A) cut together by people who did not work on the movie, and B) designed to show off explosions and groin shots?

Besides, need I point out that Sherlock Holmes has been adapted a million times in far more silly ways? The Great Mouse Detective made him into a freakin' mouse! And it was really good, too. And Holmes has fought Jack the Ripper (in both A Study in Terror and Murder by Decree as well as a bunch more, probably) and Cthulhoid cultists without people complaining their fool heads off. Holmes is infinitely adaptable. And don't go complaining about the sanctity of Arthur Conan Doyle's work, either. I didn't se you complaining about the goofiness of any of those adaptations of The Lost World.

Anyway. The only question for me was whether Holmes would feel Holmesy. And Robert Downey Jr. does. There's an early scene where he's shown analyzing the precise way to beat up an opponent (oh no! Holmes beats someone up! That's completely out of character for him, somehow, even though he says in "The Adventure of the Gloria Scott" he's both a fencer and a boxer -- that's right, I just whipped out an actual citation on you! Look it up!) and it's a great way of showing how an entirely rational character would approach fisticuffs. He's constantly sniffing things and smirking about how many things he knows, which struck me as exactly the right note.

So I liked it. I've heard it was a little long, but it felt fine to me. This is because I saw it at the Crazy Luxury Theater where every patron gets their own reclining armchair and complimentary blankets and pillows. It could have been six hours long and I would have been fine. Frankly, I almost didn't need a movie.


Tricia Spicer said...

Where is this crazy luxury theater of which you speak? I'm in the Seattle area and I want to go to there.

Monty Ashley said...

It's the Gold Class Theatres at Redmond Town Center. They bring you gourmet food and cater to your every need. It's expensive, but a lot of fun once in a while.

Chris Rywalt said...

Blankets and pillows? You're kidding me!

I went to see La Danse at the the Film Forum, New York's premier independent artsy fartsy venue, a few weeks ago. I barely fit in the damned seat! Okay, I'm fat. But I'm hardly the fattest guy in New York. I didn't fit in the seat and La Danse is about seventeen hours long and five minutes in my ass started complaining and didn't stop until ten minutes after it was over and I could stand up. Wow. Torture by French documentary. I'd have told them anything.

Also, the screen there is only slightly larger than my plasma at home. I should sell fucking tickets.

Anonymous said...

More reviews please! Hey Monty, I just found your site a few weeks ago and it's great. Have you ever reviewed Carpenters The Thing and the Alan Foster book. I've been looking over your archives but haven't found it. Anyway great blog I will be a long time follower. My wife thought your Twilight review was hilarious, and she loved those books and movies. Keep it up. -N8