Sunday, January 31, 2010


The Terry Gilliam project continues, with a movie made back when Monty Python was still practically a going concern. And it seems strange that I've never seen it, since I've seen all the other Monty Python stuff I could get my hands on.

As it happens, I think I was correct to skip it. It's mostly an excuse for Terry Gilliam to cover Michael Palin in gunk and then hide him behind clouds of smoke. There isn't really a plot, and the jokes kind of feel like somebody who's heard of Monty Python and wants to give it a try without really understanding it. There are a lot of pointless non sequiturs and things that are intended to be funny because they're so strenuously peculiar and unexpected. Wacky!

That's really all there is to say about it, I'm afraid. It's only interesting in the sense that you can watch Gilliam's directorial sensibilities evolve. It's mostly darkness and smoke machines at this point.


Chris Rywalt said...

See? Told you.

DeeJay said...

I vaguely remember seeing this in the theater when it was released. Being a big fan of the show from PBS, I was expecting something completely different. Like humor.