Sunday, January 3, 2010

Worlds Greatest Dad and Funny People

I liked Judd Apatow's Funny People a lot more than I thought I was going to. I keep thinking I'm sick of Judd Apatow Movies, but it turns out I like the ones actually directed by Apatow himself. That's just Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and now Funny People. All those Will Ferrell movies that made me get sick of him aren't my problem.

Aaaanyway, I don't think Funny People is a comedy. It's a drama about comedians. Adam Sandler is the old, jaded successful comedian who lives all alone (and now let's talk about the character he plays! Zing!) and Seth Rogen is the young up-and-comer who's going to Open Mike Nights and kind of stinking up the place. It's got a lot of jokes that aren't supposed to be funny, since they're told by characters who are either trying out jokes or just not funny in the first place.

As usual, I enjoy Adam Sandler more when he's not doing his usual Adam Sandler Thing. He actually does it a bit in this movie, but they're bits his character did in his theoretical Enormous Comedy Successes. There's a lot of crossover between Funny People and reality. All the footage of Young Adam Sandler's Character goofing around is actual Young Adam Sandler, shot back when Judd Apatow was his roommate. And then I'm fascinated by the fact that Apatow's wife and kids are also in the movie. His daughters do well, but I have to assume the roles were written for them. And Seth Rogen has great chemistry with them, presumably because he's met them before. Why, I bet the dogs were actual Apatow Dogs!

Okay. Getting distracted. Gotta focus. I liked the movie. That's my point.

And in other "dramas starring comedians" news, I watched World's Greatest Dad, directed by Bobcat Goldthwaite and starring Robin Williams. If it's a comedy, it's extremely black. What with the autoerotic asphyxiation halfway in. It's like, let's say, a darker, less-funny Heathers. Robin Williams doesn't do any of his usual Robin Williams-y stuff, which is nice.

So I'm prepared to declare that I like dramas starring comedians. I wonder if people will start making comedies starring dramatic actors. I bet that won't be as good.

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Chris Rywalt said...

Bedtime Stories is really good if you can stand a nice positive children's movie. Nothing cynical, dark, or unpleasant about it. Somehow they got a decent performance out of Sandler, too. My favorite Sandler movie (I didn't like Punch-Drunk Love all that much).