Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wolfman

Well ... it's definitely a wolfman movie. It's got an aged gypsy fortune teller (who should really have been played by Adrienne Barbeau), frightened villagers, people getting killed on the moors, a lot of shots of the full moon, and an angry mob waving torches. I don't know why they're not waving pitchforks, because we see them lying around in the village earlier.

There's a spot where I think we're supposed to object to the idea of Lawrence Talbot being killed. However, at that point, he's already offed twenty or so villagers, along with a handful of scientists and at least a few Londoners. Frankly, even if he had somehow gotten cured of the werewolfism, he's still got to be brought down somehow. No one's going to say, "Well, you weren't quite yourself when you decimated the Royal Academy of Sciences so we'll let you off. Don't do it again!"

There were some things I liked. I enjoyed Anthony Hopkins as the amused father, although it was largely the same role he played in The Mask of Zorro. It helps that I enjoyed that movie a lot. I liked that Rick Baker was in charge of the werewolf effects. There was CGI, yes, but there was a lot of footage of "a guy in a wolfman suit". And it looked like a proper wolfman. The two stages are "man" and "wolfman", not "man" and "wolf". It's a little thing, but it's important.

I also always kind of enjoy exceedingly blatant sequel hooks. And I suppose this is a spoiler, but I would totally go see Inspector Abberline: Werewolf Detective.

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